Security and Legal

Learn more about keeping your Workplace community secure, complying with eDiscovery requests and downloading security certificates.

Workplace is developed with security as a top priority. It leverages the same best-in-class frameworks and infrastructure that help to secure Facebook. See our guide on security.
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Workplace customers can meet their compliance, data security, threat protection and legal eDiscovery requirements by leveraging one of our partners' products. Read more about how to build compliance integrations.
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For information about our eDiscovery partners, please refer to the eDiscovery, Archive and Compliance section of our developer documentation.
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This article is only applicable to admins of Workplace.
Admins can access copies of the latest Workplace security certifications.
To download a security certification from your computer:
  1. Click Admin Panel at left of Workplace.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click More, then click Certifications. Find the security report you want to download and click Download Report.
  4. A PDF will be downloaded to your computer. You can view the report by opening it from your browser download history or the download location on your computer.
Additional security certifications and reports can be found on our website.
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