Report a chat on Workplace

You can report any chat on Workplace, including multi-company chats.
To report a chat:
  1. Click in the left panel of Workplace.
  2. Hover over the chat you'd like to report and click More to the right.
  3. Select Report Chat. If you're reporting a group chat, you'll need to pick the member whose chat you're reporting.
  4. Choose the reason why you're reporting the chat, then click Submit. The last 50 messages of the chat will be reported.
  5. You can then choose to mute or permanently hide the conversation.
  6. Note: Your reported chat will go to the Workplace Admins of the person you reported. Once you click Submit, the last 50 messages of the chat will be reported to the admin, who'll then decide whether to take action. You won't be notified when a decision is made.
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